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Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me 

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Have you Googled ‘Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me’? Are you looking to prepare your hot tub before the next cold snap?

Then look no further than 360 Hot Tubs, as we have years of experience carrying out hot tub winterizing on hot tubs that see little to no use during the winter months. 

You can count on us as the premier hot tub repairs and hot tub servicings specialists in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. Our team members are on call seven days a week, our rates are highly competitive, and our team comprises qualified engineers backed by years of experience.

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Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me

Welcome to 360 Hot Tubs - Hot Tub Repair Specialists

Here at 360 Hot Tubs, we’re proud to be regarded as the number one hot tub repair and servicing specialists. Here in the UK, we have four seasons, which means that come winter, if your hot tub is stored outdoors and you don’t plan on using it, you’ll want to book a hot tub winter shutdown. 

If you’ve searched online for ‘Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me’, you’ve struck gold, as that’s just one of our many services. 

Professional Hot Tub Winterizing Services: Protect Your Investment Today

There are huge benefits to enlisting our hot tub winterizing service. If you’re not planning on using the hot tub during the winter, the shell could become cracked. This happens when the hot tub is left full, and the water freezes and expands. This can also damage your pipes if the water in the pipes freezes – both hard PVC pipes and softer, flexible PVC pipes are at risk. 

Vital equipment, like the cartridge filter, could also be damaged; plus, you’ll have to keep on top of the upkeep for a hot tub you’re not using. 

Google ‘Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me’ and select our team. We’ll empty your hot tub, blow out the pipes (remove any water), and remove and correctly store any critical equipment. Once we’re done with your hot tub winter shutdown, your hot tub will be fully protected, and you can return to it again in the warmer months to find it as you left it. 

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Expert Hot Tub Winter Shutdown Service

Our expert hot tub winterizing service is carried out by qualified engineers who know precisely what steps must be taken to safeguard your pride and joy. We work with all brands of hot tubs and possess an intricate knowledge of most models. We’ll complete a checklist of tasks, ensuring your hot tub is fully secure ahead of the colder months. 

Here are just some of the benefits of using our hot tub winterizing service: 

  • Protects the Hot Tub Shell 
  • Saves Your Plumbing 
  • Safeguards Your Equipment 
  • Less Upkeep 
  • Saves You Money and Time 
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Keep Your Hot Tub Running Smoothly with Professional Winterizing Services

When you request a ‘Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me’, you’ll protect your hot tub from the consequences of freezing weather. Of course, if you plan on using your hot tub regularly during the winter, you don’t need to winterize it. Naturally, hot tubs indoors don’t need winterizing, either. 

But if it’s outdoors and to be left idle for months, call our team to prepare it for winter. We recommend letting the chemical levels in the water drop for a few days, as disposing of this water can be problematic. Once this is done, we’ll drain the tub and air blower, loosen the unions, winterize the filters, service the lines, clean the shell, add anti-freeze, and then clean and attach the cover. 

Other Services That We Offer

In addition to hot tub winterizing, we offer additional services here at 360 Hot Tubs, including: 

Hot Tub Repairs  

If your hot tub has been damaged or is malfunctioning, there could be many reasons for this. From a leaky shell or pipe to a pesky error code, our team has seen it all and fixed it all. We charge no call-out fees for SO postcodes. All other customers will be charged a call-out fee starting from just £65. 

Repairs are completed by a qualified engineer, a one-year warranty covers all new parts, and if a second visit is needed, you’ll only be charged for parts and labour. 

Hot Tub Services 

Over time, a biofilm consisting of grime, parasites, and bacteria will form. This can damage your hot tub, reduce the effectiveness of chemicals, and prove harmful to you. Our service keeps your hot tub nice and clean all year round, so book your service today. 

Hot Tub Services Maintenance  

Hot tub maintenances is essential for avoiding those costly repairs. Regular maintenance exposes any underlying faults and keeps the hot tub ticking over nicely. So, you can spend more time enjoying your investment and less time worrying about things breaking. 

pH Chemical Balance 

Lastly, our team can help with balancing the chemical composition of your hot tub water. While this is a task you can perform yourself, if you lack the time or would prefer to leave it to somebody else, we’d be more than happy to oblige. Call us now to request a visit. 

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve searched ‘Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me’ and that’s brought you straight to us, then you’re in the right place. We offer various services, including winterizing, at highly competitive prices. Our team of qualified engineers are available seven days a week, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen. 

We provide quick, hassle-free solutions backed by friendly, professional service. We come highly recommended, and you can enlist our services across various locations throughout Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. 

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So, if you’ve Googled ‘Hot Tub Winterizing Service Near Me’, look no further than 360 Hot Tubs. As Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire’s premier hot tub repair and servicing specialists, we’ll get your hot tub ready for winter, so you can return to it when the weather is warmer and find it just as you left it. 

A hot tub winter shutdown is essential to protect your pride and joy, so make sure you don’t skip out on it. Book a qualified engineer today by calling 360 Hot Tubs on 023 8008 0360. Alternatively, complete our online contact form or email [email protected], and we’ll reply as quickly as possible. 






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