Hot Tub Running Costs
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Hot Tub Running Costs

Hot tub running costs is one of the top questions to be considered before purchasing a hot tub.  After the initial outlay of buying a new or used hot tub, you need to consider the monthly running costs.  All hot tubs are different, so this is just a guide. We will also recommend ways in which to reduce your hot tub running costs.

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How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost to Run?

A well-insulated, quality hot tub should cost an average of £1.50 per day. A poorly insulated hot tub could be in excess of £100 per month!  If you’re paying over the odds to run your spa, take a look at our recommendations to reduce the cost.

Some things you can do to reduce hot tub running costs

Maintaining a hot tub at around 40 °C every day, especially during winter, will reflect in your energy bills. You can try to reduce this by doing the following:

  • Replace the cover if old, broken or damaged
  • Turn down the temperature on your hot tub
  • Add a thermal blanket in addition to the cover
  • Block the wind using windbreaks or a similar barrier
  • Use long-lasting LED lights to use less energy
  • Use a pipe cleaner every time you drain and refill to make it more efficient
  • Check your electricity tariff to get the best deal
  • Ensure there’s proper insulation behind the panels of the hot tub to help keep heat in
  • Filling with hot water is cheaper than to fill with cold and heat in the hot tub. For this, you’ll need access to an outdoor hot tap or an adapter for a sink in the house.
  • If your hot tub has an economy mode, setting filter cycle times and using this mode can help reduce costs
  • Close the air jets
  • Clean the filters

A Hot Tub WILL increase your Energy Bills

As hot tub pumps, heaters, lights etc run on electricity continuously – your energy bills will, of course, reflect this.