Hot Tub Error Codes
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Hot Tub Error Codes

Hot tub error codes could be down to a simple reason that you can check and maybe easily fix yourself. Otherwise, give us a call. 360 Hot Tubs provide repairs and servicing throughout Southampton, Portsmouth, Guildford, Bournemouth, Hampshire and Dorset.

Remember that water and electricity are an extremely dangerous combination. Use the guide below at your own risk. For your own peace of mind, get in touch with our hot tub specialists.

Most hot tubs topside controls have screens and error codes to help identify problems with your spa.  As there are many different brands of hot tub running equipment there are many different error codes that can appear on your spas topside display.  The most common being Balboa and Gecko.  Some hot tubs also use a variety of flashing lights or dots as error messages.

Hot tub error codes are grouped as follows:

  • Water flow hot tub error codes
  • Heater hot tub error codes
  • Sensor hot tub error codes

When the water in a hot tub isn’t flowing as it should, the water quality can quickly suffer as the equipment overheats and the heater ceases to work.  Flow is the most common problem in hot tubs.


Error Code Probable Cause Recommended Action
LF Persistent low flow issues.
Water isn’t flowing fast enough through the heater and it shuts down.
  1. Check the water level
  2. Prime the pumps
  3. Reset
DR/DRY Heater not working. The heater is dry.
The hot tub heater has detected inadequate water levels.
  1. Check the water level, and if necessary add water to the correct level
  2. Restart the pump and heater
  3. Prime the pumps
FLO Flow error. The hot tub heater has detected inadequate water levels.
  1. Check the water level
  2. Release pump airlocks
  3. Check the filter, pump and valves for any obstructions
  4. Clean the hot tub filter
  5. Is the pump working?
OH/OHH/OHS Overheat condition. Hot tub temperature sensor has detected an unsafe water temperature and the heater shuts off.
The water probably isn’t flowing fast enough through the heater causing the temperature to increase.
DO NOT USE THE HOT TUB while these error codes are flashing as the water will be scalding hot.
  1. Open the spa cover to allow excess heat to escape
  2. Clean the filter cartridge
  3. Check water levels
  4. Reset when hot tub has cooled
HL Meaning high limit – the heater shuts down because the water has reached a certain temperature.
Overheat condition detected in the hot tub.
  1. Open the spa cover to allow the water to cool down
  2. Reset the breaker to reset the system
SNS The hot tub sensors are out of sync.
It could just be a temporary problem if the temperature of the spa is being alternated.
Leave for a while before checking if the problem persists
SN1/2 Issue detected with sensor 1 or 2. The high limit sensor is open or shorted.
  1. Clean or replace the filter cartridge
  2. Check all jets and valves are open
  3. Check water levels
  4. Check there’s no pipe airlock
COOL Water is more than 20 degrees below the set temperature. Not a fault
HFL Too great a difference between the temperature sensors has been detected.
Potentially a water flow issue.
  1. Check the water level
  2. Prime the pumps
FL1 The hot tub is pointing to a potential air lock issue or dirty filter.
The spa isn’t sensing enough water flow to close the pressure/flow switch.
  1. Check the water level
  2. Clean or replace filters
  3. Check the hose to the filter connections
FL2 The pressure/flow switch is malfunctioning or is stuck closed.
The heater will stop working and likely the jets too.
  1. Check the water level
  2. Clean the filters
ICE Detected a potential freeze condition and ice in the system. Wait for the freeze condition to end or get in touch with us.
SNA Sensor open circuit or faulty. Call us on 023 8008 0360
SNB Sensor open circuit or faulty. the Bird
PR System priming Will last a few minuted before heating.  Either wait for the prime mode to end or press any temp related button to exit.
SBY Standby mode activated. Press any button except ‘Jets 1’ to exit.

Please get in touch if you’re getting any of the above or any other hot tub error codes and we’ll do our best to diagnose the issue for you.


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  1. Ray
    June 17, 2023

    I have a Baja Spa and it’s displaying a ( noEC ) code, I’ve never seen a display like this before.
    any information would be appreciated.
    customer complaint is temp setting is at 104 but only reaches 86, I suspect a faulty heater but I want to make sure the temp sensor is not creating this condition.
    thank you

    • admin
      June 17, 2023

      Hi Ray,
      Thanks for your question. This site is monitored by the web management team.
      Dom is the hot tub pro that can help you.
      Feel free to enquire directly to him via the contact form
      Warm regards.